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Goodbye EVEF! You served us well.

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Welcome to the new club!

As of March 18, 2021, East Valley Electric Flyers has retired
 as an AMA club. At that time, SWSS took over the relationships with the AMA, the city of Mesa, and Mesa Gateway ATC for basins 115 and 116.

UPDATE: As of September 30, 2023, SWSS has withdrawn from all of its roles in supporting Mesa basins 115 and 116. If you would like to fly at these basins, you can find the latest rules posted by Mesa Parks and Rec. at rules.

Stay Connected


The Event Calendar and RC Groups Thread are intact, available through the SWSS website which is what you are currently reading this from.

All discussion forums, including SWSS's new one for members, are available on the SWSS website from the Forums page.

Sailplane Pilots

If you are a sailplane pilot, we would love to have you join the rest of us who are passionate about promoting the future of RC soaring. Check out some of the Benefits, not to mention your contribution to preserving soaring amongst continued loss of viable flying sites in the valley.