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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.


24 Members
Plane: 1.5 meter or less discus-launched gliders (DLGs). #Competition: Man-on-man, multiple tasks
Coordinator: Edward LaCroix
15 Members
Plane: electric motor launched 1.5 meter or less gliders. #Competition: Man-on-man, multiple tasks
Coordinator: Edward LaCroix
43 Members
Plane: 2-meter Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler planes flown off a high-start (bungee). #Competition: man-on-man, 6 minute flight target, 9 minute flight window, precision landing points, teams
Coordinator: Ken L Becker
45 Members
Plane: Up to 4 meter sailplanes launched by motor. #Competition: Man-on-man, 10 minute task, launch altitude penalty, precision landing points
Coordinator: Randy West
20 Members
Plane: 1.5 meter (or less) planes with a small motor for launch. #Competition: Man-on-man, multiple tasks
Coordinator: Randy West
35 Members
Sailplane: wingspan is variable (multiple classes), winch/high-start launched. #Competition: fly to specific duration, attempt to launch to maximum altitude achievable, precision landing points
Coordinator:  Justin M Rizor
25 Members
Plane: Scale replica of full-scale glider.
Coordinator:  Justin M Rizor
17 Members
Sailplane is kept airborne when wind blows into the face of a hill or a cliff and the airstream is deflected upward, creating the lift in which our unpowered models are flown. The aircraft can fly for as long as the wind blows.
Coordinator:  Steven Willcox

Types of Flying

8 Members
Beginner welcoming guidance
46 Members
Flying outside of competitions
51 Members
Interested in competitions and competition training.


A club is only as good as its members' contributions. How would you like to contribute?
33 Members
As a new club, there is plenty of work to be done making the ranch an ideal location for soaring of all types. How can you help?
46 Members
The club will run multiple 2-day contests throughout the year that attract pilots throughout the country and potentially overseas. All help is welcome!

Non-Sailplane Flying