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Man-on-man competition, multiple tasks, 1.5 meter glider, discus-launch

e-F3K: motor-launched rather than discuss-launched glider
F3K Monthlies 2024
What is F3K?

F3K is an internationally recognized competition format for 1.5m, hand-launched sailplanes. F3K rules are set by the FAI and can be found here: Current F3K 2024 Rules (Page 26)

If you are new to F3K, it's important to look over the rules and in particular, the Tasks. The tasks are what the Contest Director (CD) uses to create an F3K contest with each task being a "round" of flying. Typically, SWSS monthly F3K contests will have a minimum of 6 rounds (tasks) though on occasion we may fly as many as 8. And tasks can be repeated in a contest.

All tasks require someone to time the pilot's plane and serving as a timer is a very important role. Many tasks have fairly straightforward timing requirements. But there are some where the timer can be crucial to the success of the pilots (an example would be Task A.) The importance of the timer to a pilot's success often can be learned only through accumulated experience. Learning is best accomplished by asking questions of the CD during the pilot's meeting or of the pilot you're about to time for.

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F3K / e-F3K... SWSS Monthly Hybrid Contest Rules

Here is a link to the current SWSS hybrid rules: Rules for SWSS F3k/e-F3K Contests

Charles Martin, John Armstrong, and Ed LaCroix worked together to produce as fair a set of rules for holding SWSS monthly F3K / e-F3K contests as possible. Member comments/suggestions should be aimed at one of the group contacts listed above (Get Connected).

If you want to familiarize yourself with the FAI F3K rules and also read about the many tasks that you will encounter at our F3K contests, follow this link and after the PDF opens, got to Page 30 which is the start of the F3K rules: 2023 F3k Rules (Page 30)
e-F3K (REQUIRED Altis Setup)

To compete in SWSS monthly e-F3K contests, it's important your plane's Altis be set up correctly.

Start by launching the Altis software and checking that you have the most current version firmware. Then plug in your Altis and check to see if there is a firmware update for it. Update your Altis firmware if necessary.
Below are two screenshots of the settings you need to enable and the values you should enter. 

1- Enable "Altitude Switch" and "F5K".  
2- Open the F5K "height" menu by clicking on the blue outlined "F5K height" box. This will open the window you see in the right hand image. You should enter 50 (launch height in meters) in L1 thru L6. This ensures you will have enough recorded relaunch opportunities available for any of the F3K tasks that are flown.
3- Be sure to enter a "7" in the "Time Switch" window. 
4- Be sure to enable "Antizoom" and that you have entered a value of 0.8 in the "Antizoom Gain" window.
5- Enable "Emergency Motor On".



Before coming to a SWSS F3K Hybrid contest, you need to test your Altis settings to confirm your motor run time, motor cut-off, Antizoom, and motor restart are all working. Be sure to perform your Altis testing when the air is not active. Thermal activity will negatively impact your Antizoom results.

Begin testing by launching upward (about 30º or more) and maintain that angle until the motor cuts off. Once the plane's powered launch is over and it has leveled off, bring the plane back down and land. Perform at a minimum, three launches like this. More is better! You're encouraged to even try and zoom your plane in an effort to maximize your climb rate and see if your anteroom value is keeping your launch in the desired range.

Connect your Altis to your laptop (which is hopefully at the field with you) and open the flight logs so you can see all of your test launches. You want to see if most of your launches are falling in the range of 48-53 meters. If so, you are good to go! If most of your launches are consistently below 48 meters, adjust your Antizoom value to 0.6 and perform the same number of launch tests. You are looking for an Antizoom value that most frequently delivers a launch of 48-53 meters.